WHAT WE DO; we help salespeople increase gross margins and drive business by providing high-level sales development training.

HOW WE DO IT; we teach salespeople strategies to solve customer problems, leverage added-value for higher gross margins and close more sales.

WHY IT WORKS; providing solutions to a customer's most challenging problem is far more valuable than a discount given on a product or service.

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Why JP Sales Solutions


The internet has changed the way people sell to customers. The salespeople who adapt will continue to grow their business, while those who refuse to acclimate will slowly disappear. There will always be a need for good salespeople; the question is, will you adapt your sales strategy and thrive? Alternatively, will you become extinct?


Sales techniques are essential; however, other factors lead to sales success. Some examples include: 


  • Something to target, not just a quota or a number, but something that impacts our lives. 

  • Something to keep salespeople motivated to make “one more call.”


Having confidence and believing in yourself helps get through the daily grind. Sales careers must have a purpose.  Without one, a career is just a meaningless job. People must feel like they are doing meaningful work. If not, people will not have the passion for going the extra mile.


At JP Sales Solutions, salespeople: 


  • Are given the confidence needed to succeed

  • Have careers with meaning.

  • Work with a purpose

  • Evoke passion 


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Human self-image is based solely on the thoughts people have about themselves. Because of this, we often determine our fate. Confidence is a proven way to make people more passionate. At JP Sales Solutions, we believe there is more to sales than selling techniques.


  • Confidence and passion are essential motivators for gaining sales success.  


Taking action is the key to success. Action separates dreamers from doers. We know it's critical for salespeople to take action on the skills they learn in this training.


  • Our goal is not for you to dream about the new home you want to purchase;  it is to give you the tools to go out and buy it.


Thoughts affect the outcome of sales success. Salespeople who think successful and positive thoughts are much more likely to grow sales revenue.


  • At JP Sales Solutions, we create positive, winning attitudes that change lives.


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