Personal Growth

  • Accountability systems.

  • Staying Focused. 

  • Self-Discipline.

  • Creating Habits.

  • Goal setting and developing a strategic plan to achieve them.

Customer Alignment

  • Learn to ask questions that will uncover critical information.

  • Conduct insightful conversations with customers to uncover “unrecognized” needs that accelerate sale cycles.

  • Uncover the clients' true needs, wants, and problems.

  • Create customer personality profiles.

  • Build relationships.

  • Retain and expand relationships.

Value Differentiation

  • Defeating the price game.

  • Aligning products and services with customers' needs.

  • Creating a competitive differentiation.

  • Providing insights to customers and getting them to think differently about their challenges and needs.


Revenue Acceleration

Motivation Maximization

  • Confidence is acquired and developed.

  • Sell yourself to yourself.

  • Apply the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of top performers.

Targeted Prospecting Strategies

  • Analyzing opportunities within the sales funnel.

  • Qualifying opportunities.

  • Increasing closing ratios by targeting businesses that represent the best return on investment.

  • Have a multi-attendee business meeting or an impromptu one-to-one cold call.

  • Create a targeted prospecting strategy.

Effective Sales Communication

  • Learn how to handle objections and push-backs effectively.

  • Engage in strategic business conversations with key decisions makers.

  • What to say and how to deliver persuasive messages to gain interest and get appointments.

  • Eliminate non-productive customer meetings through learning how to ask great questions and listen to responses.

  • Learn ways to know and understand your customers’ business.

  • Learn key elements to a Sales process.

  • Gain commitment from customers.

  • Grow referrals "introductions"

  • Actions that lead to success.

  • Comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities.

  • Shorten the sales cycle.

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